[doctor who] OMG!


Does anyone have a current e-mail address or any kind of up-to-date contact info for Oregano?

I just got this weird message on my answer machine from some guy in L.A. called David Willis. He says he's a writer and he got my number because I'm the owner of bmg.net, so I'm guessing he saw Oregano's fics on Dante's Inferno or something.

Anyway, he wants to get in contact with her about "a project". He says he tried e-mailing her but never got a response. He gave me a phone number and I want to pass it on to her, but I haven't spoken to her in over a year and I'm sure I don't have her current e-mail address.

[gilmore girls] Remember when Rory didn'

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

It's about that time again, ladies.

You know what time I'm talkin' about. That random time when I find myself on blah-mah-gah.net looking through the quotes and almost crying from an incredible mix of hysterical laughter and sadness that the times I'm remembering seem so far behind us.

I was messing around on Facebook. I signed up for one yonks ago and, like my myspace, I never updated it at all. But tonight I started to for no reason at all, and I wanted to add some quotes. But instead of going with famous quotes, I decided to go in search of quotes from you guys, because who can come up with anything more touching, hilarious or insightful than you guys? No one!

I have tomorrow off of work, and I think I might just spend it gathering another batch of quotes, because they always make me so happy. But for now, let's just go over some old favorites, shall we?

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[hanson] little hanson

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Thank you so much for all the Happy Birthday wishes, flist. *hugs* I know I've been absent lately (and I know that's an understatement), but I think about you guys all the time.

My birthday so far has been pretty average. I haven't even opened my cards and presents yet because I had to go to work this morning and I didn't want to make Brian wake up at 6am so I could open them, and I want to wait until he gets home from work tonight.

But I had a nice Birthday take-out dinner on Saturday night and my amazing friend, Sam, sent me a bunch of awesome gifts that I opened last week. lol She got me Jelly Beans (YUM!), The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams (because it's her bible), a journal, an oh-so-pretty Hanson notebook that she made for me from my favorite Hanson pictures, and a Hanson pendant that she also made herself and it's awesome and I love it.

Oh, and Hanson sent me a gift, too.

*freaks out*

Okay, so I don't know that it was intended as a Birthday gift at all, but it arrived today, so I'm gonna pretend it was intentional. lol

I almost freaked out when I looked at the address label on the big priority mail box and saw the words "Walker Hanson, 3CG Records" (for those who don't know, Walker is their dad).
But I managed to control myself until I'd left the apartment manager's office and was in the privacy of my car. Then I called Sam and flipped out.

Inside was a slip of paper that said "Thank you for donating your URL. We really appreciate the support. - Hanson" It wasn't hand written or anything, but I honestly don't give a crap. lol


They sent me:

- 1 Great Divide T-shirt (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/37_sm.jpg?1188934010)
- 1 Walk Tour Hoodie (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/250_sm.jpg?1195665659)
- 1 copy of Middle of Nowhere Acoustic (DVD/CD)
- 1 copy of Live & Electric (CD)
- 1 Travel Mug (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/116_sm.jpg?1188934010 it says "Hanson Highly Caffeinated Since 1992" lmao. ♥)
- 2 Large 'The Walk' Stickers
- 5 Sheets of the stickers they only give out to fans on the walks to put up all over town as a sign of where they've walked. *squees*
- 3 Take The Walk Bracelety things
- 1 Hanson Patch Collection (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/65_sm.jpg?1188934010)
- 1 Hanson Key Chain (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/89_sm.jpg?1188934010)
- 2 sets of Hanson Playing Cards (http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/229_sm.jpg?1188934010 & http://www.hanson.net/images/data/products/228_sm.jpg?1188934010)

I am so in love with these guys right now, I can't even stand it. I don't even care if this didn't come from them "personally", if they had no say in it, nothing to do with it at all.

I. Don't. Care.

*loves everything*
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[doctor who] OMG!

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I'm sorry, I'm shaking right now.

I just got an e-mail from yet another person at 3CG Records:

Subject: Question From Hanson


The guys would like to know if you will be attending a show on this tour? If yes, where? Thanks

*flails* *dies*

No, I'm not attending a show because you never come to this side of the damn country! *runs into a wall and dies some more*
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[hanson] torn tay

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I NEED to go to a Hanson show.

Last night they covered "Lets Get it On" and "Oh Darlin". ajlskhdgljhgkaherugha!

But I just know that if I spend the money to fly out and see them at one of their shows this month, then they're gonna come out with a bunch more US dates in a few months that includes Seattle.

But if I don't spend the money to go see them now, they won't come to Seattle and then they'll go tour South America or Europe or Australia or Asia for the rest of the year and then go make another album and then go tour North America except for the west coast
again and I won't see them at all.

I hate them (I don't really).

And I don't wanna go alone anyway. Too many fansons scare the crap outta me. They scream too much and get drunk and get in chick fights and act like 12 year olds and make the rest of us look bad.

And I HATE viruses. I'm like a virus magnet. I just had to remove another one from my laptop. WHY doesn't Norton catch these things. This one has been around for a couple of years, it should definitely be on their list, but I scanned twice and updated my virus definitions and it said my computer was fine.

*kicks the universe*

Today sucks.
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[hanson] crack song

Hanson: At The Fillmore (2000) - 1758 Caps

I know. It took me long enough.

'At The Fillmore' isn't my favorite Live DVD from the guys, it's definitely the one I've watched the least amount of times. I just feel like it's lacking something the other live DVDs had. It doesn't have the energy of 'Underneath Acoustic Live' or any backstage stuff like 'Road to Albertane' (I love all of that) and it wasn't as visually captivating as 'Middle of Nowhere Acoustic'.

And Zac looked so bored and miserable half the time! :( I don't know, maybe it was just me, but it seemed like he had these little bursts of enthusiasm every now and again and then he'd go back to looking like he wasn't in to it at all.

But the show does have it's moments. Little things here and there that made me smile. Mostly Tay being a doof and interacting with the crowd. 'In The City' is a great performance. It wasn't one of my favorite songs until I saw it performed on this DVD and then seeing how they threw themselves into it... it just changed how I feel when I hear it, I guess. lol

Anyway! On with the caps...

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Next up: The Walk Acoustic Live
[hanson] well trained zac

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I already burned a dvd of FUTYs etc. for you, so I'm just gonna post these two here instead of doing another one. lol

I don't know if you have this one on one of your tapes, but it's of Hanson on SNICK in 1997. It was on youtube last year and then the user went and got their account suspended and I thought the chances of it ever being reposted were slim to none, which was really sad because it cracked me up and it was such a great example of what I loved about these guys (besides their music) when I was 14. lol. But now it's baaaaaack! Yay!

This one is from SXSW a few weeks ago. I wanted to put it on the DVD but I couldn't figure out how to save it off of the website so I'm gonna have to post it instead. :) I love it.

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[eddie izzard] hitler

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Snagged from Becka

1. Pick 15 of your favorite tv shows.
2. Go to IMDB, and find a quote from each show. (Some didn't have IMDB quotes - so I also used Wikiquote.)
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the show
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions.

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These are SO random. I just scrolled around on the page and picked any quote that wasn't too easy, too hard and didn't involve character names. :p
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